Ridgeway Identification

by Don Durham
(Youngstown FL)

Note rounded door bottom Ridgeway

Note rounded door bottom Ridgeway

Note rounded door bottom Ridgeway
Ridgeway movement Fairfax

I recently bought a Ridgeway clock at an estate sale.

The model number is 9108, serial number 91039251, movement style CC, and dial style MP.

All of this info is on stickers inside the clock.
I found that the model indicates manufacture in 1991.
What I would like to know is the title of the clock.

I haven't been able to locate a good enough picture of it to be sure, but I think it may be a "Fairfax".
Any help will be appreciated.


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Jan 31, 2015
by: tim may

I am looking at a older ridgeway clock with all the paperwork to purchase. The clock is a 93000277 any one know any info.

Aug 15, 2014
Ridgeway Rosemont
by: Anonymous

I am interested about the Ridgway Rosemont you show in your file, the one I am interested in looks the same as in your picture but has only 2 weight.
is this a sign that it is not a real Rosemont, or were they built ever with only 2 weights

May 01, 2014
I need help identifying my clock
by: Tamara

Hi guys, I've recently been helping my mom move out and she has a ridgeway grandfather clock that we're trying to figure out what model it is and the price of it. It would help a lot if I can get some feedback from you guys. The serial number is 91030566

Apr 09, 2014
Clock Name
by: Bobby

I was the General manager at Ridgeway Clocks from 1998 until the closing in 2007. I looked up the #9108 clock on my old price sheets. It's name is "Rosemont", Antique Cherry, triple cable. The size shows 84" x 26" x 14". The last production was in 1999. The 1998 dealer cost from the plant was $968 making the clock retail for about $2900.

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