1979 Colonial grandfather clock value?

by Lynnette
(Black Canyon City, AZ USA)

Zealand Michigan

Zealand Michigan

We have a Colonial Grandfather clock and are wanting to sell but do not know what it is worth.

The date is 1/16/1979 Serial Number 7900815. It was made in Zealand Michigan and the company that made it isn't in business anymore so I am not able to get any info there.

The movement made in Germany and is an Urgos-Haller, Jauch and Papst, Schwenningen.

It has a glass front to see the pendulum and has a dial that rotates from am/pm and the four seasons.

It is over 6 ft. tall and made of oak. The pendulum is brass.

Any info you could provide for the value would be helpful!

Please email at gotmove@gmail.com

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