3 weight Sligh Grandfather Clock

by Mike Larsen
(Modesto, CA)

Wife moved it and re-hung the weights on the pendulum. Pulled all the weights up, started it and it worked for half a day.

Now, the pendulum swings for about 18 minutes and stops....

Please help..

Mike Larsen

Hi there Mike

Grandfather clocks are very sensitive creatures.
You could use the following checklist to make sure that the clock will run again.

1) Make sure that the clock is absolutely level.
This is the most probable cause of the clock not running. Make sure you use a spirit level.

Check whether the clock is leaning to the back, front, left or right.

If this is the case you can use small paper or wooden wedges and place under the appropriate corner to correct this.

2) Make sure that the weights are in the right position.
Each weight should be marked on the bottom.
The weight marked 'R' should go on the right position.
The weight with a 'C' has go in the center position.
And you guessed the one with a 'L' goes on the left.

3) Look at the hands: Are they touching? If this is the case, the you carefully pull the top minute hand slightly away, just enough so the hands are not touching.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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