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Seiko, but they may not realize that the company also makes a number of other timepieces in addition to their world-renowned watches.

Seiko is the oldest clock- and watch-maker in Japan, with its origins dating back to 1881, and the company is single-handedly responsible for establishing the traditions of modern Japanese watch and clock manufacturing.

Seiko grandfather clocks and wall clocks meet the same standards of excellence that can be found on the more well-known Seiko watches, letting you enjoy a precision timepiece from a name that you know that you can trust.

Seiko was founded by Kintaro Hattori when he opened his first clock shop in 1881, calling his new brand of clocks Seikosha. The clock shop did well, and within 11 years Hattori had opened up a clock factory which had a total of 10 employees.

The Seikosha factory began producing clocks within two months of opening, and continued creating new clock designs over the course of the next several years. In addition to making the ancestors of modern grandfather clocks, the factory also produced pocket watches, alarm clocks, table clocks, and musical clocks for customers to enjoy.

The innovations that led to Seiko producing its first wristwatch in 1924 have been thoroughly incorporated into grandfather clocks and their other clocks as well. The clocks that the Seiko company produces have to meet a very high standard of excellence in order to be accepted by Seiko quality control, and in many cases feature innovations that are not often found on grandfather clocks or similar timepieces.

While features such as self-winding mechanisms make Seiko grandfather clocks some of the most technologically advanced clocks on the market, the look of the clock casing itself is often a thing of pure elegance.

Much of the classical styling of Seiko’s past can still be found in the grandfather clocks that are produced by the company today. The use of fine woods and only the finest stains and lacquers means that the Seiko clock that you buy will be a thing of beauty and elegance, gracefully covering the powerful Seiko timepiece contained within the case.

While there are a number of other options available when looking for a grandfather clock, few if any of them will be able to match the power and style that is offered by Seiko clocks. Of course, few of the companies that are making clocks today have the history of design and innovation that Seiko has, either.

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