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Grandfather-Clock-Info.Com is now offering a unique chance for targeted advertising that will reach readers who are specifically looking for information on grandfather clocks and all types of antique clocks.

As a sponsor you will not only be able to place your ad, but these ads are linked to a page dedicated to your product or service.

On this dedicated page will be an ad that will link to your site.

This is the difference between an untargeted ad in a newspaper and your page here directly addressing your targeted market.

Who comes to Grandfather-Clock-Info.com?

70% of my visitors are from the United States. The rest of my visitors are world wide.

Most of my audience is passionate about grandfather clocks.

This shows in the postings that they submit to this site.

Grandfather Clock Info visitors are:
  • Buying and selling clocks.
  • Looking for Tips to repair their clock.
  • Male between 40 and 60 years old.
  • The number of repeat visitors is quite high.
  • According to Alexa.com visitors who went to graduate school are over-represented
  • The bounce rate is 35 percent
These are highly-targeted customers.

Grandfather Clock Info stats.

Recent stats (supplied by SBI)
  • Mar 2012 - 35,684 page views
  • Feb 2012 - 32,057 page views
  • Jan 2012 - 34,225 page views
  • Dec 2011 - 30,011 page views
  • Nov 2011 - 26,798 page views
  • Oct 2011 - 28,148 page views
  • Sep 2011 - 29,627 page views
  • Aug 2011 - 29,230 page views
  • Jul 2011 - 25,260 page views
  • Jun 2011 - 23,644 page views
  • May 2011 - 28,087 page views
  • Apr 2011 - 23,623 page views
  • Mar 2011 - 24,317 page views
  • Feb 2011 - 20,921 page views
You will notice that my site is not seasonal and the number of visitors is growing every year by approx 50 percent.

Contact me below if you would like more information, i.e. on pricing.

Sponsoring Grandfather Clock Info will expose your business to a highly targeted audience.

Grandfather Clock Info is looking for quality sponsors that are interested in a win-win-win relationship for your business, the visitors interest, and this site.

To be able to attain that relationship you must have an excellent product or service that is of value to the visitors of this site.

Contact me by completing the form below.

Types of Sponsorship

Site Sponsor will get adverts will that are visible on most of the Grandfather Clock Info pages.
Site sponsors also get a page dedicated to their product or service.
This gives them the maximum exposure on this site.

Advertise on your choice of pages. Here you can choose between text links or banners.

Custom built advertising. Do you have another idea or request?
Let me know.
I am willing to come up with a plan that will work for both of us.

I am interested in long term business relationships with the advertising companies.

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