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The Curio grandfather clock is a decorative way to display items as well as keep time. There are many varieties of grandfather clocks.

The term grandfather clock is somewhat of a catch all term for any tall freestanding clock that keeps time with a pendulum. Generally grandfather clocks are between six and eight feet tall.

Shorter clocks are sometimes known as grandmother or granddaughter clocks, but there is no set definition for any of these. A curio floor clock is just one of the many varieties of grandfather clocks.

For many years, from the time that they were developed, in the mid 1600s, until the 1930s, pendulum clocks such as grandfather clocks were considered the most reliable way to keep time. These types of clocks do have their shortcomings, however. Any external movement, such as being bumped or jarred, interferes with the motion of the pendulum. This, in turn, affects the accuracy of the clock.

Curio tallcase clocks are more than a way to display items that you enjoy or collect. A curio clock is also a decoration itself. The clock’s case, in the area surrounding the clock face, is often decorated ornately. This area is called the hood or bonnet.

A curio grandfather clock can also add charm to a room through its chime. Many grandfather clocks have special chimes that sound. They may sound only on the hour, or on every quarter hour. These clocks are known as striking clocks.

All grandfather clocks, including curios, must be wound. While past models of grandfather clocks required daily winding, models today are typically wound every week. Typically grandfather clocks are wound through a key on the clock’s face.

The exception to this is with a chain driven clock. Chain driven clocks have weights that are suspended by chains. To wind these clocks, the weights are raised up to just below the face of the clock by pulling on the chain.

The weights are what drive the motor of the grandfather clock. There is a weight for the hour strike and one for the general timekeeping and pendulum swing of the clock. If the grandfather clock has a quarter hour strike, it will have a third weight inside the case.

Curio floor clocks are a wonderful way to display treasures in a unique way. A curio grandfather clock, made by a respected clockmaker, is a work of art that will last a lifetime.

It is important, when making the investment in one of these clocks, that both the timekeeping abilities and woodworking abilities of the manufacturer meets your expectations.

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