Shaker Grandfather clock

The Shaker Grandfather clock not only makes a wonderful time piece, but also has ornamental value. Many people choose grandfather clocks as an addition to their home for the added beauty. The Shaker clock is just one of the many styles of grandfather clocks that people may choose to add a decorative look to their home.

Whether you are a fan of shaker, Victorian or country styles, you can find a grandfather clock that will look right perfect in your house.

Regardless of the style of grandfather clock that you choose, all work in nearly identical ways. The grandfather clock is unique in that it requires both skilled cabinetry work as well as precise timekeeping work to be a truly functional piece.

A grandfather clock that is not well made on the outside will not be durable enough to last through generations, while the most well made grandfather clock that doesn’t keep accurate time will not have a home for long.

The Pendulum

Shaker grandfather clocks, like all grandfather clocks, are pendulum clocks. The pendulum rests inside a long case. Most grandfather clocks are between six and eight feet tall, and most of this height is taken up by the case containing the pendulum. The pendulum swings inside the case, moving the clock.

In most grandfather clocks, each swing of the pendulum takes one second. The pendulum of the grandfather clock moves by weight.

The weights

Most modern grandfather clocks, such as those in the shaker style, have three weights inside the case. The first weight strikes the mechanism that sets the chimes on the hour. The second weight strikes the pendulum, which is how the clock keeps time, and the third weight strikes the quarter hour chimes. Today, most clocks have quarter hour chimes, however if a grandfather clock does not have them, it will have only two weights.

Winding the clock

While it may look as if the pendulum is responsible for keeping the grandfather clock running, that is not so. It is necessary to wind the clock so that the weights work properly. While it was once necessary to wind a grandfather clock on a daily basis, now most clocks only need to be wound once a week. If the grandfather clock has weights suspended by cables, it is wound through a keyhole on the face of the clock. If the grandfather clock has weights suspended by chains, the clock is wound by pulling these chains, which lift the weights up to the top of the long case.

Shaker grandfather clocks are a wonderful way to add a decorative accent piece to your home that is also functional. They help carry the shaker look from room to room, and their straightforward design and dependable function make them a nice addition to any home.

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