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The Many Types and Wonders of the Seth Thomas clock

Amongst horologists, the mere mention of a Seth Thomas clock conjures up images of excellent craftsmanship, timeless designs and great value for money. With a history stretching back to 1813, the company is the longest established clock manufacturer in the United States as well as being one of the most prestigious in the world.

One of the most visible clocks from Seth Thomas is the tower clock located at New York City's Grand Central Station, which continues to provide the accurate time to the rush of commuters in the Big Apple. And although the company has ceased to make grandfather clocks a few years ago, its lines of table, mantel and wall clocks continue to make waves in the world of horology.

Of course, a Seth Thomas grandfather clock also makes for a great gift no matter the occasion. Its attractive aesthetics combined with practical functions are the embodiments of what makes a gift great in and of itself, never mind the monetary value.

Wall Clocks

As can be expected, a Seth Thomas wall clock is installed on the wall. It can be on the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the patio and even inside the bathroom. After all, you may want to know the accurate time wherever you may be in the house or the office.

What sets a Seth Thomas wall clock apart from the rest of the clocks in the market is the clever combination of great beauty, functionality and practicality. On one hand, the materials used are of the highest quality ranging from solid wood to brushed brass along with accents in glass crystals, gold tone and other metals.

On the other hand, you are assured of practical value. Features include accurate timekeeping with second hands, volume control for the chimes and nighttime shutoff switch. We recommend the Harrington, Deveraux and Kaytlin models, all of which are true to the principles of a seth thomas clock.

Mantel Clocks

Where wall clocks are placed on walls, mantel clocks are placed on top of the fireplace mantel. Well, if your house does not have a fireplace, you can always place said clock on the table and it will be good in more ways than one.

The materials used also range from wood to glass and metal to conform to the house's d├ęcor. Accents include gold tone or silver tone dials as well as maple inlays or inlaid marquetry while the features include pendulums and chimes.

Truly, any of the mantel clocks will add beauty to your home. Choose from the likes of Buchannan, Burns and Shelton.

Table Clocks

Then there are the table clocks, which look great on any kind of table in either the office or the home. These timepieces can also be provided as gifts on corporate special occasions, on personal occasions and even as a gift just because you feel like giving one.

As is the case with any Seth Thomas clock, the likes of the Cedar, Premier and Jenna models are based on the combination of practicality and beauty. No matter the materials (wood or glass), the accents (crystal or brass) and the shape (round or polygon), you are assured of accurate timekeeping for many years to come.

So, if you are looking for the best clocks from a respected maker amongst horologists, we suggest going for a Seth Thomas clock.

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