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When you decide to buy a Grandfather Clock for sale you are probably undertaking one of the best investments in your life. Having a grandfather clock, or longcase clock as they are officially called, is not only something that will enhance your home but will probably increase in value considerably over the years.

Never before has there been such a wide range of different antique clocks for sale on the market as there is now. Be it bracket clocks, clock with chimes and without, marquetry clocks. And there are the clocks from different countries. Like english clocks, scottish clocks and what about those french bracket clocks. Be it antique, contemporary, modern, or used clocks. Clocks with painted or brass dials.

There are hundreds of different antique grandfather clocks. As each clockmaker used to make his own clocks.

For example you cannot go wrong when you invest in an english victorian grandfather clock.

In the current economic slump it has become quite affordable to buy for example a new Howard Miller grandfather clock, a Kieninger or a Ridgeway Clock.

You will find these at discount price often reduced by more than 50 percent compared to a few years ago.

When you see the sign: Grandfather Clock For Sale, then don't be blinded by the colors and the shiny polished wood. Don't forget that, contrary to real handmade antique oak longcase clocks, modern grandfather clocks are often mass-produced.

It is mostly the small clockmakers that still produce handmade clocks, where each piece of wood is hand picked, resulting in beautiful cases. Some of these craftsmen are German clockmakers still making clocks like they did some 100 years ago.

Read about one of these German Clockmakers

Something that all clockmakers have in common though, is that they usually install movements from a specialized movement maker like Kieninger.

My advice to you

is to take your time and look around. Make sure that the clock is the right size for your home. Look at the case and if the clock is not new, ask if any repairs have been done or if the clock runs.

Check the weights and the pendulum for any damage. Make sure that the chimes work, and that the hands are both the same design. Look at the clocks face for any scratches or blemishes.

The choice is yours, if you want to invest in a longcase clock that you can leave to your children then you should not rush in and buy the first one you see. The time and care taken before investing in clock will save you possible costs later.

Tips to read before buying your clock

Here are a few practical things to consider.

  • How much space do you have on your wall? Grand father clocks are usually attached to the wall. This prevents them suddenly falling over.
  • How high is your ceiling? Longcase clocks are quite tall. You don't want to suddenly find out too late, that that clock you have just bought, doesn't fit in your home.
  • Shipping: These clocks can be quite heavy, so look at the costs for transport.
  • Weight is also to be assessed when it comes to placing that clock, make sure the floor will stand up to the weight.
  • Grandfather clock Kits: If you don't have a lot of money to spend there are alternatives to an expensive timepiece. You may want to consider clock kits.
    No don't be scared, you would be surprised how easy it is to assemble one of these clocks. The results are stunning, and nobody will ever know that you built that awesome clock.
  • A beautiful example of a clock kit

  • Nowadays internet makes it a lot easier to shop around for clocks. You can look at the different styles and colors without leaving the comforts of your home.
  • Think about what color of wood would suit the decor in your living space.
  • Compare the different shops to make sure you get the best deal for your buck.
  • Make sure you get a warranty when buying a new clock. You don't want to end up having to pay expensive repair costs on that high quality timepiece. (These can be quite high when it comes to grand father clocks).
So take your time, shop around for that grandfather clock for sale.

Learn as much as you can about longcase clocks, before you go and buy that unique grandfather clock.

Look at the grandfather clocks for sale on this site, then get in touch with the buyer on the forum to find out more about that grandfather clock for sale.

Tell us what you are looking for

What is my grandfather clock worth?

When planning to sell their grandfather clock, owners are often stuck with the question: My grandfather clock is for sale, but how much can I get for it?

There is no straight forward answer to this question. It is basically a question of supply and demand. Well, not just that, there are a few other factors.

Obviously, if you have a grandfather clock for sale that is 200 years old, looks great, is in top shape, is very rare, then you may be looking at a price of several thousand dollars.

A clock that has been mass produced ten years ago, is more common and the price you can get is nowhere near as high as for a valuable antique clock.

In plain English: The clock is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.

How to come up with the right asking price?

The ways to determine an asking price are:

  • Look around in cataloques for antiques, and see if you can find a clock similar to yours
  • Search the internet, like this site by entering "grandfather clock for sale". See if you can get a feel for the value.
  • Remember that there are thousands of different clocks and no price lists.
  • Find books on antique and historic grandfather clocks. Read up on the different makes and become an expert, well as knowledgeable as possible.

How to get the most for your antiques?

Just writing "Grandfather Clock For Sale" with no additional info, is not going to get that clock sold.

Instead, when you decide to offer your grandfather clock for sale, there are some things that you have do to increase your chances of a profitable sale.

Give as many details as you can in your ad. The more info the better your chance of a sale is and the more money

  • Size: height, width, depth.
  • Weight: this can be a quite important factor for a potential buyer as not every floor can take heavy weights.
  • Movement: If the movement has the manufacturer and serial number engraved, then add this.
  • Chimes: Grandfather clocks mostly have a chime sometimes they have more than one. Common chimes are Whittington, Winchester and St. Michaels. In some clocks you can turn that chime off. Mention these facts in your ad.
  • Casing: What sort of wood is the the clocks casing made of.
  • Age: If you know the age or at least the approximate year, then that should go on the ad.
  • Story/History: Buyers are always interested in the story or history behind a clock. A good story always increases the chances of a quick and good sale. How did you come to possess this clock? Were any repairs done on it.
  • Serial numbers: Any serial numbers that can be found should be added. These can often be found within or behind the clock case and/or movement. With the aid of serial numbers it may be possible to determine the age.
  • Pictures: Would you buy a car that you haven't seen? I wouldn't. So add as many pictures as you can.

    Make sure the photos you use are of a high quality and the clock is pictured in a good light.

    Bad, dark photos do not help the grandfather clock sale. But the worst you can do is not having any pictures at all.

    After all you are proud of your valuable grandfather clock, so show it of.

    Having high quality pictures is a way to convince the potential buyer of the virtues and may convince him to buy.

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