Antique Clock Hands

The antique clock hands do more than just tell the time…

A clock’s hands also serve to give it much of its personality.

Clock hands can provide style and elegance to a grandfather clock,

but they can also help to express the clock’s unique history or tie the clock to a specific manufacturer or design inspiration.

Even if the clock is made from a kit or is a newer build, the right clock hands can make it seem much more like an antique or a piece of history than modern clock hands would be able to do.

If you’re looking for replacement hands for a grandfather clock that you own, choosing hands or careful reproductions can make what would otherwise be an ordinary clock seem extraordinary.

One of the best ways to find antique hands

that will accent your clock is to search for what are known as “new old stock” or NOS hands.

New old stock hands are those antique clock hands that were made years ago but were never sold at retail; you may find some of them in great condition and still in the original packaging even though they are considered to be obsolete or the company that made them is no longer in business.

A number of clock stores that sell antique hands exist both in retail outlets and online, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find a place to buy the clock hands that you’re looking for.

Between in-stock items and those which are available for catalogue order,
a number of antique hand models and reproductions should be available.

This includes many different new old stock items that can generally be found for a good price simply because they aren’t being made anymore.

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