Antique Clock Faces

Do you know how long it can take for a clock artist to design antique clock faces?

You’ll probably be surprised to know that it takes anywhere between four and ten hours.

Yes, it is a laborious and intense process but the finished product is worth the sweat and time.

One reason it takes that long is that making a beautiful face has also to be authentic; this means that part of the design process is to do research on clock pieces in any given period of history.

Beautiful clock faces can be reproduced for the needs of the modern-day clock collector and consumer.

Clocks stand out as an interesting piece of décor especially if they have beautiful antique faces; they also make for good conversation around the conference or dinner table.

Here are a few facts about designing beautiful antique clock faces:

  • designs can be created with a pen or special brush – most antique clock faces are done by hand;

  • the clock face can be rectangular, round, oval, grandfather or steeple-shaped;

  • square designs can be transformed into round face designs with a simple but expert cutting procedure;

  • some designs are very similar to historical classic faces;

  • antique clock dials can also reflect a blacksmithing method dating back to early eras and the gilding can also be a replica of pre-industrial clock faces;

  • the hands of the clock’s dial can be 18th or 19th century which show gold-leaf practices of those periods

  • you can choose a clock face without necessarily eliminating the look of antiquity. For example, you can have a clock face that has glass effects, floral themes, the Renaissance look or the textured feel.

What you see is the beautiful antique face, but what’s also important is what’s behind the face.

Most clock faces have to be designed using a heavyweight type of paper intended for fine art designs.

There are also other considerations when you order an antique clock face: you’ll have to decide on the type of clock movement, the dials and the pendulum.

Whether it’s enamel, wood, bronze copper or gilt iron, your antique face can be a beautiful centerpiece in your home or office.

Most clock faces mimic those of the early clocks that were rich treasures of countries like France, Spain, Italy, Germany or Austria.

And not to forget, you can have Arabic style numerals and floral violets on that beautiful face as well!

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Whether it’s enamel, wood, bronze copper or gilt iron, your antique face can be a beautiful centerpiece in your home or office.

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