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Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, where did it all begin? When looking for a grandfather clock that features a modern sensibility while remaining true to its old-world roots, clocks made by the Kieninger clock company will most likely be exactly what you’re looking for.

Being one of the oldest clock manufacturers that is still in existence today, Kieninger clocks have a history of excellence dating back to the company’s creation in 1912.

Precision German engineering and cases featuring exotic hardwoods make Kieninger floor clocks stand out from the other clocks on the market, making sure that you have a clock that you’ll be proud to have in your home and that will still be accurate for years to come.

The Kieninger clock company was founded in Germany, using the expertise of Black Forest clock makers to create a brand of grandfather, mantle, and wall clocks that were as precise and accurate as they were beautiful.

The traditions set up by the clockmakers who founded the company were passed down through the years, with new innovations being added in order to make Kieninger floor clocks one of the best brands of clocks available.

The intention of Kieninger is not only to make a grandfather clock that you will enjoy, but that will also be enjoyed by your children and grandchildren as it is passed down through your family as well.

Classic elements of clock design that can still be found in Kieninger grandfather clocks include the fine cases that are found on their traditional clock models as well as the lacquers that are used on the clocks and the hand-rubbed finishes that they receive.

Many elements of clock-making from Kieninger’s past can still be found in the clocks that are produced by the company today, upholding the same standard of quality that has been present in Kieninger clocks since the company was founded.

This doesn’t mean that the company is stuck in the early 20th century, of course; a number of innovations and new designs can be found in Kieninger grandfather clocks as well. One of the biggest innovations that Kieninger clocks feature is the use of automatic shut-off switches on the chimes so that your clock isn’t going to wake you up when it chimes at night. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful chime of your grandfather clock throughout the day, but when the lights go out the clock will remain silent until the next morning.

Other innovations include designs that stray from the classic look of grandfather clocks, giving you an all-glass case or a slimmer case that still looks very elegant while still maintaining a very modern look.

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