Emperor Grandfather clock

The making of an Emperor Grandfather Clock

There are a number of places where you can buy a clock or a clock kit, but few of them will be able to offer you the unique selection presented by Emperor grandfather clocks.

Emperor Clock is the largest supplier of hardwood oak and cherry clock kits, letting you pick the exact grandfather clock that you want while making sure that you don’t have to pay too much to buy it.

Emperor features both clock kits and finished grandfather clocks, as well as a number of accessories to help you complete the exact look that you want for your new clock.

Many people think that buying a clock kit means that you’ll be settling for a lesser product, but Emperor tall clocks feature a level of quality that is unsurpassed.

These clocks are made from the finest oak and cherry hardwood materials, making sure that they will not only look amazing but that they will be able to withstand the test of time and will still be in prime condition so that you can one day pass them on to your children.

For those who are still uncomfortable with the thought of buying a grandfather clock kit, Emperor clocks are also available as finished products that meet the same standards of quality as any other grandfather clock that you might purchase.

A number of accessories for your Emperor floor clock can be purchased as well, letting you customize your clock so as to give it the exact look and timing that you want it to have.

Unique winding keys and cranks can add a bit of elegance to your clock, while your choice of suspension springs will help to ensure that your clock works just as it should.

You can even choose to buy a custom nameplate to go in your Emperor grandfather clock so that it will be obvious that the clock is a custom creation just for you.

In addition to having a number of beautiful clock cases for you to choose from, you can also pick the right clockwork movement for your clock to make sure that it will be able to keep time with precision.

A number of different movement options are available, so you can choose the one that will provide the level of precision and time between windings that you want.

Different clock movements will feature different numbers of weight chains and will last for different amounts of time before having to be wound, so you will be able to customize the look of your Emperor grandfather clock even more by choosing exactly how many weights will be present in the final clock.

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Grandfather model 100M pendulum? 
I have the 8-day weight driven model 100M grandfather clock. I can't find the pendulum following a move. Any suggestions of where to get a new one …

Emperor Returns 
I bought the house in which I live in 1981. My grandmother-in-law gave my wife and me an Emperor Model 451 built that year as a housewarming gift. …

assembly instructions for Emperor clock kit #150 
Help! Does anyone know where I can get the assembly instructions for Emperor kit # 150?? Thanks

Emperor Grandfather Clock Model 120 Will Not Chime 
Hi, We recently purchased a Emperor Clock Clock Model 120 from a friend, since moving it will not chime. It keeps great time.

Hour Strike Problem 
CLOCK: Emperor Series 120 MOVEMENT: Model 100M, Jauch 77, 475, S/N 331505 PROBLEM: Improper Hour Strike Clock has not been run for several years. …

Chain pulled up without weight 
Is there a way to attach it? My Father built an Emperor Grandfathers Clock some years ago. He was both deaf, and developed old age dementia. …

Chime Delay 
We have an Emperor Grandfather clock and the last note of the chime on the half-hour is delayed. It will sound at some point before the three quarters …

weights - where do they go? 
We recently moved and my husband packed the grandfather clock. He did not label the weights and I do not remember which one went where. Can you help …

Can volume of chimes be adjusted? 
I inherited the clock my father built from a kit circa 1972. Can the volume of the chimes be adjusted? I would actually like them a little louder.

Weight Questions 
I have an Grandfather Emporer clock that got moved and lost the movement instructions. Need to know which weight goes in each of the three tubes.

anthony a mancuso 
I built my model #450 in 1987. It has been great but now it runs for an hour or 2 and stops. I have tried leveling, redoing the weights, oiling, I …

Lovely Emperor pendulum clock needs assembly 
My neighbor gave me a lovely Emperor hanging wallclock that appears to be walnut or cherry. The case is in great condition and about 3' tall. It …

A.W Miller "Waterloo" Gandfather Clock 
My mother has a weight driven grandfather clock made by an "A.W. Miller". I can not find any information about this clock or its manufacturer. There …

Emperor Movements 100M Not rated yet
My clock has been setting for 10 years or more. I installed the weights but I can't get it to run longer than 5 min. Also removing pendulum clock …

Setting up an emperor clock Not rated yet
I inherited an emperor grandfather clock. It came in one piece except all the chains and insides are all bubble wrapped in a box including all the weight …

Emperor Model 300 series - triple chime Not rated yet
While rewinding our clock, the center weight was pulled up too far and now does not want to come back down and the pendulum stops after 20 mins. Is …

Pendulum help Not rated yet
I'm thinking of buying a 1973 Emperor 771073 - 228733 clock works. It comes with a 4" Pendulum. I was wondering if the pendulum could be upgraded …

Churchill Triple Chime clock running behind Not rated yet
HELP!! We have a Churchill Triple Chime clock. We went on vacation it was running fine. However, while we were gone, it stopped and now is running …

Inherited Emperor Not rated yet
Hi! Want to get connected and find some of the specific history of the clock. I have some of the serial/model number info: Clock Number: 1047202 …

Weights Not rated yet
I have an Emporer Grandfather clock 100 M. I would like to know what the weight of the weights are. Also, where to find them. Hi Richard You could …

Gridiron pendulum Not rated yet
Can anybody tell me where I can get a Gridiron pendulum for my clock ?

Weights were not marked Not rated yet
My father built and Emperor Grandfathers clock from a kit some years ago. He has since passed away. I now have the clock and have gotten the time mechanism …

redfly Not rated yet
Buying a used nine tube bell that has emperor on the face. Does not look like a kit. Cherry. Don't find any information on it at all on the web. Just looking …

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Need help replacing weights Not rated yet
Hi. I have a Triberg E40 clock purchased in Germany in 1999. We recently moved and I cannot find the weights anywhere! I want to replace them but …

Chimes do not sound right! HELP Not rated yet
After becoming a mid-life orphan I moved my parents Cambridge emperor clock. I forgot to mark where the chimes went. I hung them where I thought they …

HELP! Need repair/replacement of Grandmother clock Not rated yet
My Dad built an Emperor Grandmother clock in 1977. It was repaired by someone who knew even less than I about clock repair, so I have a beautiful case, …

Can volume of chimes be adjusted? Not rated yet
I inherited the clock my father built from a kit circa 1972. Can the volume of the chimes be adjusted? I would actually like them a little louder. …

Mrs. Larry Not rated yet
My husband purchased an Emperor Model 650 Curio clock in 1995. He assembled it and it worked beautifully for years but quit working the same year …

Emperor model 105 High Pallet Bridge Not rated yet
I have an Emperor grandfather clock (model 105 High Pallet Bridge) that belonged to my mother. It was bought sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. …

Emperor grandfather clock Not rated yet
I have this clock that was my mother's, I believed she purchased in the early 80s. Does anyone know where the serial # is located. What it may be …

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