Why Buy Online?

So why buy online when it comes to grandfather clocks?
You may be an individual who is accustomed to visiting a showroom and visually inspecting every square inch of your purchase. After all, the purchase of a grandfather clock is not to be taken lightly.

We understand the desire to get up close and inspect your potential purchase, but there may be a few reasons to purchase your clock online that you may have never considered.

• Whenever you step foot into the lovely interior of a clock showroom there will likely be friendly sales associates waiting to help you. These wonderful men and women need to be paid for their service. When you purchase from a show room there will be a markup to help pay a commission or salary to the sales staff.

• The showroom itself is an incredible expense. The owner either purchased the building or is leasing it. Your purchase price will come with a markup to help cover expenses associated with rent or mortgage.

• If the business delivers and sets up your clock there will be either an added cost or the cost was figured into the purchase price.

So when you find a better price online you need to know why.

• Our website is our showroom.

• Our sales associate is primarily this website that provides lots of good information so you can make an informed decision without any high-pressure tactics.

• Our partners utilize cost effective shipping methods to keep prices down.

It is our goal to give you a lot of information to let you make a well-based decision and to show you the highest quality clock at the most reasonable price. We can do that most effectively online because our overhead expenses are much lower. The bottom line is we can help you save money on the highest quality clocks when we bypass an actual showroom in favor of a virtual one.

Our web store is elegant. The prices at the companies that we show and promote are fair and honest. The delivery methods were developed with you in mind.

How can I help you achieve the dream of clock ownership today?

Did I answer your question why you should buy online?

If you still have your doubts and questions, please contact me.

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