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The importance of antique clock parts

The pendulum floor clock has set order to the question of time. Yes, it marches on relentlessly, but the swinging pendulum invites us all to enjoy those moments when time soars.

One of the more beautiful features of an antique pendulum floor clock may be the painted dials depicting scenes and locations that draw even the most casual observer to a place beyond the clock face.

If the audible ticking is an art form for the ears then the painted dials is a delight for the visual senses.

For those seeking to restore an existing clock or who may wonder about purchasing an antique pendulum floor clock it is good to know there are adequate supplies of clock repair parts to keep your heirloom ticking throughout your lifetime.

These clock parts are generally handled by those well acquainted with the glory of a long case, grandfather or floor clock. No matter what name you prefer to call these timepieces they remain one of the most impressive heirlooms available.

Perhaps the best reason to purchase a pendulum floor clock is the sense of peace it can bring to a home.

The painted dials remind us of a better time and place and many report a sense of feeling things are more ‘right’ in the world when they hear the tick and chime of these magnificent clocks.

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