Grandfather Clock Chimes

Grandfather Clock Chimes are more than a decoration.
More than an accent.
More than a simple accessory.

A grandfather clock is a focal point.

It draws serene attention and commands the respect of those who take the time to watch its graceful movements reacting to life itself.
Back and forth, the pendulum swings and the clock cradles a family in a timeless embrace. No, this is much more than an accessory.

One of the key ways these magnificent timepieces commemorate the passing of time is with a variety of chimes. Some clocks may mark the hour by a single repetitive tone while others mark the passing of time by both tone and chime.

In many cases the clock owner has the option of disabling the chime. This can be easily accomplished by not winding up the mechanism for chime management or by adjusting a lever on the clock face or draw cord inside the clock. In some cases a grandfather clock’s chime can be disabled during hours the family is typically asleep.

Admittedly there are some who rest more comfortably with the clock’s tick and time induced chime while others find it difficult to either sleep or go back to sleep with the tones and chimes often considered endearing to clock owners.

If you are like many potential clock owners you may believe the clock only plays Westminster chimes, but there are other chimes available so be sure to inquire as to what grandfather clock chime may be available for a clock you are considering.

Other common chimes that are used today include the Whittington, Winchester and St. Michaels. Other specialized chimes may be available.

Listen to the chimes

Ave Maria
Beethoven 9th
St Michaels

The chimes are the most recognized voice of the grandfather clock. The tick of the clock reminds us that time is passing and the chime welcomes us to the next moments in our lives. It establishes the passing of time and the new opportunities available between the moment the chime is heard and the moment it makes an encore return to time’s stage.

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