Hentschel grandfather clock

Choosing to purchase a Hentschel grandfather clock means that you will be getting a clock that is part of a grand tradition of excellence and fine workmanship.

In addition to using only fine hardwoods in the construction of their clocks, Hentschel employs a number of different styles in their designs to help ensure that you will be able to find a Hentschel grandfather clock that will fit well in your home no matter how it is decorated.

Having one of these clocks in your house will add a distinction to whichever room you place it in that simply can’t be duplicated by other clocks.

The Hentschel company is based out of Ontario, Canada, and has been in operation since 1890.

By choosing to buy a Hentschel clock you will be buying a part of their legacy, purchasing a master-crafted timepiece that follows the traditions that they’ve built in over 115 years of being in business.

Few other clocks that you could buy will let you take advantage of over a century’s worth of skill and expertise.

Only the best hardwoods are used in the construction of Hentschel longcase clocks, and you will have your choice of building materials when you start shopping.
Commonly-used and popular hardwoods include ash and cherry, and all of the woods that Hentschel uses in their clocks have the distinction of being harvested locally. The company actually takes great pride in using only hardwoods from around the Ontario area.

Though the company is over a century old, they have a number of contemporary designs in addition to more classic looks. You can find Hentschel clocks that feature beautiful British colonial designs, or if you aren’t a fan of colonial looks then you can choose from several art deco or other contemporary designs. You can take pride in knowing that the clock you eventually choose is entirely carved by hand, regardless of the final clock design that you choose.

A beautiful clock case is nothing without precision clockworks, of course; Hentschel floor clocks use only the finest movements from companies like Hermle. You can expect a long life from your clock movements, as Hentschel makes sure that they only include parts that meet their standard of quality and precision.

A number of different chimes are available, ranging from classic chimes to more elaborate pieces such as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

Regardless of the grandfather clock that you end up buying, you won’t be disappointed in your purchase if you choose a Hentschel grandfather clock for your home.

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