What is the Howard Miller Grandfather Clock made of?

Even if you don’t own a Howard Miller grandfather clock, you probably recognize the name
Howard Miller is one of the most well known and prestigious clock companies in the country.

The company has been manufacturing clocks since 1921;
today they are known just as much for their quality as for their variety.

Howard Miller was only 21 years old, when he opened his clock factory in Michigan, having been taught the trade in Germany’s Black Forest Region by his father, Herman.

The company first specialized in mantel clocks and chiming wall clocks, as well as the occasional avant-garde clock – today many of these are collectors’ items.

During WWII, the company played its part in the war effort by teaming up with Ford in the manufacture of anti-aircraft covers.

During the 1960s, the company began to concentrate on producing grandfather – or floor – clocks;

eventually becoming the largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the world.

Today, the company manufactures a range of over 70 grandfather clocks to suit every taste and budget, including clocks featuring traditional and contemporary designs, as well as more expensive limited edition clocks.

Their clocks all come with a two year warranty on parts and workmanship.

Howard Miller clocks are still made much the same way as they always have been. The wood used is still carefully checked for quality, and although technology plays an important part, the clocks are still essentially hand-made, with every step of the production process checked.

The clocks are still made at the company’s factory in Zeeland, Michigan – just as they have been for over 80 years.

The time keeping mechanism is, of course, one of the most important components of any clock.

And the company is still proud of the fact that it owns the mechanism of the clocks
Kieninger mechanisms – which are still hand made in Germany and which many consider to be the finest clock mechanisms in the world.

The mechanism ensures accurate time keeping for years to come.

The Howard Miller grandfather clock typically features a wealth of detail and extra features. Many of them include a locking door, beveled glass, decorative molding or an illuminated case.

On some models, one of the most important parts of any clock – the pendulum – features such extra touches as banded weight shells, a center disk which matches the dial, or a finish of brushed satin.

The most expensive Howard Miller grandfather clock costs around $15,000 although you can find many models that cost less. Regardless of the price you pay for your clock, you can be assured of owning one of the finest grandfather clocks anywhere.

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Howard Miller Madilyn Grandfather Clock

Price: 2,485.00
This floor clock features a distinctive split bonnet pediment that crowns the clock and a hinged lower door with an elegant oval opening. The antiqued dial features worn black Arabic numerals and minute and sweep seconds tracks and corner ornaments are...

Howard Miller Newman Grandfather Clock

Price: 2,355.50
This special 81st Anniversary Edition floor clock features an elegant swan neck pediment includes a turned urn finial, carved rosettes, a decorative shell carving, and book matched crotch-figured mahogany overlays. Features: -The polished brass dial fe...

Howard Miller Layton Grandfather Clock

Price: 2,177.00
This special 81st Anniversary Edition floor clock features a bonnet pediment with a decorative shell and vine overlay and book matched olive ash burl overlays. The brushed satin brass dial includes a silver chapter ring with applied satin black Arabic ...

Howard Miller Robertson Grandfather Clock

Price: 2,177.00
This special 81st Anniversary Edition floor clock features an elegant swan neck pediment which includes a turned urn finial, carved rosettes, and a decorative shell overlay on a book matched olive ash burl panel. Features: -The brushed nickel dial incl...

Howard Miller Wellington Grandfather Clock in Hampton Cherry

Price: 2,380.00
Experience the Howard Miller difference with the Wellington Grandfather Clock. The flat top pediment is enhanced with distinctive columns with four carved caps that frame the door. Beveled glass on all sides add to the elegant appearance of this grand...

Howard Miller Timber Creek Grandfather Clock in Indian Summer

Price: 3,020.50
Experience the Howard Miller difference with the Timber Creek Grandfather Clock. This elegant grandfather clock has a distressed, hand planed look for an aged appearance, and a multi-tiered flat top pediment that adds a distinctive yet casual look. Th...

Howard Miller Coco Grandfather Clock in Black Satin

Price: 2,089.50
. Experience the Howard Miller difference with the Coco Grandfather Clock. Finished in an attractive black satin, this curvaceous grandfather clock features a hinged top door with convex glass that frames the dial. The hinged, locking lower door has a...

Howard Miller Le Francais Grandfather Clock

Price: 3,678.50
Hues of antique gold accent the carved details of this elegant floor clock which is finished in beautiful Windsor Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers. The decorative carvings are extensive and include a removable shell overlay on the pediment, with ...

Howard Miller Urban II Grandfather Clock

Price: 2,268.00
This unique floor clock is finished in Merlot Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers. Simple lines best describe this case, which offers a flat-top pediment with nickel finished molding. A crisp, white dial features a nickel finished bezel and simply-s...

Howard Miller Greene Grandfather Clock

Price: 2,688.00
In the tradition of the Arts and Crafts Guild, famous for their handcrafted, simple, honest, and pure design. The cream dial continues the simplicity with dark brown corner accents, numerals, and hands. Decorative wooden moldings nicely frame the dial....

Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather Clock

Price: 6,730.50
For truly discriminating customers, we're proud to offer this top of the line clock from the Presidential Collection, featuring hand rubbed finishes, rare burls, the world's finest movements, and more. This particular floor clock has an elegant swan ne...

Howard Miller Glenmour Grandfather Clock

Price: 3,381.00
In this unique floor clock, a beautiful pediment features a crotch mahogany panel bordered by a raised, shell and vine overlay. It's special cast dial offers elaborate corner spandrels and center disc which match the decorative weights and polished pen...

Howard Miller Truman Grandfather Clock

Price: 5,281.50
For truly discriminating customers, we're proud to offer this top of the line clock from the Presidential Collection, featuring hand rubbed finishes, rare burls, the world's finest movements, and more. This beautiful floor clock offers an impressive, a...

Howard Miller Majestic Curio Grandfather Clock

Price: 3,524.50
This stately curio clock is the finest curio floor clock Howard Miller has ever produced, standing over 88" tall, a third larger than their next largest curio floor clock. It features an arched pediment which showcases book matched, rare olive ash burl...

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