Its worth preserving those antique grandfather clocks

When you think of the makers of antique grandfather clocks in history you usually think of bearded men with spectacles low on their nose in a beautifully nostalgic workshop in one of several European countries.

These men with tiny tools and precision gears made heirlooms for the aristocracy of their time.

It is not inconceivable to assume that many of these men and their families wanted a better life – and they were willing to travel to find that place of nirvana.

Like craftsmen of other professions they came to the United States bringing their tools and skill to the burgeoning settlements of the east.

Today American antique grandfather clocks

are a rare and treasured find. These timepieces were built in America for American families. Some families still have an old grandfather clock that was originally presented to a distant relative two hundred years before.

Before mass production there were relatively few original grandfather clocks made. This makes American antique floor clocks a highly treasured keepsake.

Many owners only consider selling the clocks when they are feeling significant financial pressure. Many of the best American vintage grandfather clocks are found in the eastern United States.

Those who attempted to take them westward when America’s frontier opened up unintentionally damaged their timepieces beyond repair. It is believed that many such timepieces were abandoned along routes such as the Oregon Trail.

When it comes to old grandfather clocks their antique clock hands/a> and the often hand painted faces help give hints as to the history of the clockmaker as well as the clock origin.

Look long enough and you might likely consider what it
sounded like to the clockmaker when the pendulum was swung for the first time. You may even wonder how he felt when he relinquished his hard work into the hands of the wealthy buyer.

American antique grandfather clocks are a wonderful treasure

and a brilliant piece of American history. Many who make the purchase of such a timepiece count it a commission of duty to care for these old grandfather clocks.

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