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Edward Meyer grandfather clocks are a selection of quality clocks manufactured by Edward Meyer; one thing that helps to distinguish them from other clock companies is their lower prices. Partly because their grandfather clocks require some simple assembly at home, the company has been able to keep their prices down and today it is possible to purchase one of their quality grandfather clocks for well under $1,000.

The name of Edward Meyer is a brand name and the clocks are actually manufactured in China and distributed in the United States by various retailers. Although the company can’t really boast as long and distinguished a history as some other clock makers, their products are still manufactured to extremely high standards. Many people who purchase Edward Meyer clocks consider them to be a good investment as well as an accurate and functioning timepiece.

Edward Meyer floor clocks come in several different styles, sizes and colors, although many of them do have the same distinctive features. Their clocks feature pendulums that are completely adjustable, meaning that the length can be adjusted to take into account any variations in movement caused by hot or cold weather; the clock will then run slightly faster or slower accordingly.

Some of the other decorative features found on Edward Meyer tall clocks include beveled glass, a locking cabinet door and attractive and distinctive mother of pearl inlays. Their clocks also feature extras that one might expect to find only on much more expensive clocks - decorative side panels, a polished pendulum and brass tone decorative pulleys.

The chimes are loud enough to be heard clearly; and most Edward Meyer floor clocks chime out the hour as well as the half-hour. Some of their models also feature a 31 day calendar display function. The grandfather clocks also come with a winding key; the company’s trademark clockwork mechanism provides the accuracy you want, but it saves money on electricity and batteries.

Edward Meyer grandfather clocks make an excellent choice if you are looking for a clock that not only has style, precision and traditional craftsmanship, but comes at a more affordable price.

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