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Variations of Grandfather Clock Plans

Grandfather clock plans can range from a fully developed kit assemblies to working diagrams that require the individual purchase of key elements such as chime, clock works, hands and face along with all necessary wood and assembly products.

Grandfather clock plans can be purchased or you may find some available at no charge. Some have been developed for ease of use and explanation, while others may be more suited to those well skilled in multiple disciplines of craftsmanship.

Making a grandfather clock from a plan certainly is not something that should be undertaken by the faint of heart.

You should at least have some experience in working with wood.

I have collected a number of grandfather clock plans on this page. Some you will have to pay for and some are totally free to download.

Just About Clock Case Plans

To avoid any misunderstandings, this page and ALL the plans described here are about building grandfather clock CASES without the movements. None of the plans will tell you how to produce the movements. These can be purchased separately to fit the clock cases.

Go here if you are looking for a complete kit that includes the movement.

Easy to work with Grandfather Clock Plans

The following plans have the added advantage that they are relatively easy to work by. And when you compare the price of the plan to the total cost of the clock it is quite a small investment for what you get.

sirjohn plan
The Sir John A. Macdonald

$12.95 - Purchase and download immediately the plans with full details and material lists

Height 85.5", Width 19.125", Depth 11"

Click Here to Download
aspen clock plan
The Apsen Plan

$12.95 - Purchase and download the plans with full details and material lists

Height 85", Width 25" , Depth 14"

Click Here to Download
Murray clock plan
The William F. Murray Clock Plans

$12.95 - Purchase and download immediately the plans with full details and material lists

Height 85", Width 25", Depth 14"

Click Here to Download
Keepsake clock plan
The Keepsake Clock Plans

$12.95 - Purchase and download immediately the plans with full details and material lists

Height 81", Width 34.25" , Depth 15"

Click Here to Download
prichfield clock plan

Here you have the option to buy both the plan and the components for a reasonable price from a reknown clock retailer
$27.44 - For the plan

$186.94 - For the components

Height 72", Width 20", Depth 12"

Click Here to Buy
Mission Grandfather Clock

Mission Grandfather Clock Woodworking Paper Plan, Build Your Own!!
This is a plan with instructions for
building your own Mission Grandfather Clock.
(Intermediate skill level required)

Tools required; Table saw, band saw, router, hand tools and clamps.

Height 78", Width 26", Depth 15"

Here is a set of 22 downloadable plans all on Adobe Acrobat pdf.
These are easy to follow, so you can have a great clock at a low price.
Its a case of pay and download.

MurrayClockCraft makes it easy for you, by giving you a detailed material list for each of their floor and wall clocks.
It includes a free set up guide for your new floor clock

Some Free Clock Case Plans

On the other hand there are good free grandfather clock plans available. These have also been compiled by woodworking enthusiasts that know their stuff. But on the other hand you have to have a greater level of experience to be able to work with these free plans.

If you fit into this category then go ahead and download one of these plans. You will first have to install the free Google tool Sketchup at

After you installed Sketchup you can choose a plan here: Detailed Clock Plans

Easy and Free Clock Case Plan

Here is a simple plan that requires a lower level of experience.

Click here to download this PDF e-book.

The book referred to in the plan is The Book of Shaker Furniture

Don't save on quality

And of course a good set of wood working tools is necessary to construct the clock. You can learn by doing and practicing working with wood.

From experience I can say, don't save on quality when you buy tools and timber. You will get the most satisfying results when working with good tools and good quality hard wood. Buying a good hard wood like oak will result in a more beautiful grandfather clock.

The same goes for the tools. Good tools save you time and effort and the result looks far more professional.

Here are some good tools, that will make thing easier for you:

doweling jig
The Doweling Jig is an easy way to join the parts:
Premium Doweling Jig
bosch tablesaw
A Tablesaw is needed to cut the individual parts with precision:
Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw
neiko router bits
neikorouterbits Router bits set:
Neiko 80-Piece Router Bit Set
bosch router
Bosch Variable-Speed Router with 4 Assorted Bases and Edge Guidebosch router
dewalt scroll saw
Scroll Saw:
DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw
keller dovetail jig
Dovetail Jig. Takes the mistery out of dovetail making:
Keller DoveTail Jig

Some of the basics for constructing your own grandfather clock include an understanding of the height of the piece. Grandfather clocks are typically 6 feet or taller. Those shorter than 6 feet are often referred to as Grandmother clocks .

The wooden dial frame should conform the dial or clock face you select. This should factor heavily into the width of the clock you are crafting.

Decorative spindles can be made using a shop lathe or you may find exactly what you need at your local lumber supply store.

For an advanced builder the purchase of clockworks might be a snap, but for most do-it-yourself enthusiasts the purchase of a clockworks kit might prove beneficial in installing function to the beauty of your wooden creation without the need to second guess your parts selection.

Grandfather clock plans can help you take the beauty and tradition of a grandfather clock and add your own personal style and charm to something that will be treasured for years to come.

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