Grandfather Clock Weights

The function of the Grandfather Clock Weights

Today, when consumers look for a price conscious clock they may decide to purchase a grandfather clock look alike whose mechanism is tied to quartz movement.

Some of these clocks may feature a pendulum and a tick although neither has any bearing on the actual keeping of time. Other clocks may feature a wind up mechanism located on the clock face.

Many of the most valued and sought after clocks are perpetuated by grandfather clock weights.

These weights are attached to a sturdy and decorative chain that is used to resist the gravitational pull of the lead based weights.

While the weights constantly pull downward the clocks mechanisms use that resistance to run efficiently. When the weight is reduced the clock comes to a standstill.

Think of this process a bit like flying a kite.
As long as you hold the string the kite flies beautifully. If you let the string go the kite will ultimately crash.

You might also think of the butterfly attempting to break free of its cocoon. It must face resistance to successfully gain flight. Without resistance the butterfly cannot become strong enough to fly.

Additionally the process can be likened to a train riding on rails. Without the rails the train will not get very far – not matter how strong the engine.

Clock weights are important to the success of your heirloom quality timepiece. These weights that seem to drag the clock down actually free it to do the work of time keeping.

Virtually any grandfather clock weight can be replaced if it becomes damaged or misplaced in a move. Knowing your clock manufacturer is important in determining the exact replacement weight to keep your timepiece free to run.

It may seem ironic that in order to manage the long-term maintenance of your grandfather clock you need to subject it to an ongoing burden. Perhaps your grandfather clock is a picture of life as we know it. Our own small burdens often manage to serve us in learning how to live well.

"I recommend you to take care of the minutes,
for hours will take care of themselves"

– Philip Dormer Stanhope

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