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It can be disappointing, if not completely unnerving, to listen to the silence of an antique clock that has lost its tick.

It is amazing how comfortable we become with the tick and chime of a fully functional clock.

What happens when the clock’s pendulum stops swinging, the chimes stop playing and the ticking gears cease their movement?

You’ve likely checked all the usual suspects.
The weights have been adjusted to ensure they allow the clock to run.
You’ve checked the hands to make sure they can move freely without being caught on each other.
You’ve even vainly looked at the gears and springs, but honestly the exercise meant very little.

There are a couple of things you might consider in grandfather clock repair.

  • The first is to check if the clock is level. You may not have realized it, but an antique clock that is not leveled can either express inaccurate time or it can slowly stop when it doesn’t seem that it should.

  • If you placed the clock in your home yourself it is possible you may have hung the weights in the wrong location. Be sure to recheck to ensure the right weights are attached to the correct chains for proper balance with your antique clock.
When referring to antique clocks we are specifically talking about those more than 50 years old. In many cases clocks that were made more than half a century ago may not have been built on the idea of mass assembly.
You may have a timepiece that was handcrafted and is unlike other clocks you may have seen.

In this case the crucial clock repair needs will be best taken care of by a reputable clock repair technician.

These professionals will either have compatible parts for replacement or they can retrofit a solution allowing your heirloom to continue delighting your family for years to come.

Antique clocks continue to be a treasured keepsake that can bridge the gap between the past and the future.

Time exists in each individual tick and is celebrated in each individual chime.

When it comes to grandfather clock repair the good news is almost every issue can be fixed. However, only you can decide when to call in the professionals.

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