by Anthony Lambert

I have a Daneker Diplomat which was made by my parents while they were employed by Mr. Million Daneker in Fallston Md.

My father Cecil Lambert and mother Shirley Lambert worked there for many years. My father became I'll with Heart trouble at Christmas and Mr. Million Daneker came to our house to visit in a driving snow storm .

As I recall Mr. Daneker Being a tall gentleman , stood before leaving and pulled his belt off revealing a zipper inside .

He took money from the hidden compartment and gave it to my father and stated for my father to have a speedy recovery and he hoped the money would help him thru the tough times.

Watching Mr. Daneker slip and slide down our snow covered driveway .

My father stood in the living room with the money in hand stated " THE LORD WILL ALWAYS PROVIDE WHEN IN NEED " !
We were poor but never went without ! A Fond childhood memory !!

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