A.W Miller "Waterloo" Gandfather Clock

by John
(Kearny, NJ, USA)

My mother has a weight driven grandfather clock made by an "A.W. Miller". I can not find any information about this clock or its manufacturer.

There is nothing inside the clock case to indicate where, when, or by whom it was made.

Just "A.W. Miller" and "Airdrie" on the face. Images of the Queens of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales surround the face.

Above is a depiction of the Battle of Waterloo with the Duke of Wellington on a horse.

When the pendulum swings, the horse moves back and forth. Made of a dark red wood.

Any information about this clock would be greatly appreciated.

Hi John

This seems to be an old, I mean 150 years or maybe older clock.
As you noticed this clock was probably made in the UK.
The clock appears to have been made in a time when there were numerous clockmakers making tallcase clocks in small numbers.
The fact that it has a moving figure only adds to the value.
But it is important that you go to a real expert that can look at the clock and give you a more precise estimation.



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Jul 14, 2011
Tall Case Clock
by: Anonymous

I have a Grandfather Clock, bought in New Orleans many years ago. I have the documents on this piece but would like to know more. A&W Miller-Airdire is on the face. It is painted, area's saying England, Scotland, whales and Ireland. Hunting scene on the top with Kings and Queens all around. I was offered 2,000.00 by a local Antique dealer but think he was trying to take advantage of me. Does anyone know the true value now, and I might be interested in selling this clock. Thanks for any help. Please e-mail Czarrena@sbcglobal.net

Jul 03, 2011
Another A&W Miller Clock
by: J B Easson

I have a similar clock, but showing the seasons and without moving figure. The name is 'A & WM MILLER' and 'AIRDRIE'. It came from my grandparents' house, and I assume was either a wedding present (1874) or from a parental home.

They lived in Glasgow and Millport, and the great-grandparent came from Paisley. (All like Airdrie, near Glasgow). Mine still goes and keeps excellent time.

Bear in mind such clocks were often made elsewhere and the name was put on by the local watchmaker before he sold it.

The style of case, the style of face, and the mechanism each will allow an expert to source the country of origin. I've not followed that up for mine.

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