Can volume of chimes be adjusted?

by Susan
(Bradenton, Florida)

I inherited the clock my father built from a kit circa 1972.

Can the volume of the chimes be adjusted? I would actually like them a little louder.

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Feb 12, 2015
Adjusting volume louder on ridgeway g/f clock
by: Anonymous

Should a professional adjust the volume? Or can I attempt successfully?

Jul 11, 2011
by: Linda

Hi, You have the same clock I do. My dad bought it as a kit, I just moved the clock and could not remember which chime rod went where. Could you help me! I guess I just need to know which lengths go where. Thanks!!

Jul 04, 2011
Chime and strike hammer adjustment
by: Harold

If your clock has hanging tubes like mine you adjust the volume by turning the thumb screw (with string) to position the hammers closer or further away from the tubes. The farther away the hammer is from the tube, the softer the tone.
The closer the hammer to the tube, the louder the tone. DO NOT turn the screw at base of hammer.

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