Cant Get Clock Started After Recent Move

by Steve

I cant seem to get the clock started after a recent move. I have wound the three springs and am not sure how to "start" it.

Any ideas?


Hi Steve

The first thing one should check when your grandfather clock won't run is to see if the hands are touching one another. If this is the case then you give the hour hand a gentle push towards the back. However, please be careful as you don't want the hour hand to touch the dial.

If that does not work pull the minute hand ever so carefully forward but only a very little way.

If this does not work then make sure that the minute hand is not touching the glass of the hood.

In your case the clock has been moved. Now you should know that grandfather clocks are temperamental at the best of times. They certainly don't like being moved at all.

After you have made sure that

a) The hands are not blocking one another and

b) The weights are all up (wound)

Then next give the pendulum a slight push to see if the clock starts ticking.

Should this not work then this could mean that the clock is standing at a different angle to what it did in its previous home.

In this case try giving your clock a different angle by pushing a wedge or something like that first under one corner.

Then by pushing the pendulum try to see if the clock starts running.
Repeat this process until you find the right place for the wedge.

Once the clock is running listen to it to hear if the tic-toc is regular. If not change the wedge by adding or reducing the thickness.

Take your time doing this and you will surely have success and enjoy your clocks ticking again.

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