Chime problem

by Barry
(Beaver Falls)

I have a Ridgeway, full standing grandfather clock that we had to move. When I put the weights back on the chimes didn't work.

I have adjusted the length of the chain to different heights, but it still doesn't chime.

I can move the movement in the clock to force it to chime, but it will not do it on its own.

Now I had to move it again and even though it is level the pendulum will not continue to move.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Barry

Why don't you check if the chime lever on the dial is in the center and positioned over a chime and is not in the off position.
You should also open the side of your clock and make sure that the chime retard bar has not been put on the stopping the chimes from operating.

See if this helps you.

If not just post a comment on this page.

Good luck and Regards

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Nov 12, 2012
Chimes not working
by: Tommy

I also had the same problem, I have a ridgeway manufactured around 87 or 88 and was in storage for 6 or 7 years, i tired many things even manually turning the small fan actuator that spins when the chimes are active, ultimately I ended up adding a small amount of 3 in 1 oil and working the the mechanism and it eventually starting moving on it's own .


Sep 17, 2011
another Ridgeway chiming problem
by: Hope

It now keeps beautiful time, but won't chime. I forced it to chime be manually advancing the "teeth", but the time chimed was erroneous.

I also found the instructions that came with the clock stated to put he heaviest weight on the extreme left; when researched showed it should be on the RIGHT, I moved it. That's when it started keep[ing good time, and the weights began to drop as they should.

But the chime problem still persists. Can anyome help?

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