Chiming at wrong time

by Paul

1978 Ridgeway

Works ok BUT chimes at about 8 minutes after the hour (and at 23mins, 38mins, and 53 minutes. It may have started when I turned the hour hand. I later read never to touch the hour hand, only the minute hand. Too late now.

I recently read to take off the nut which holds the minute hand in place, then move the minute hand. It didn't want to go where it should be when chimes strike. I reversed the minutes hand (front/back) but there are thingys on the shaft which disallow placing it exactly on the hour (or 15 minute multiple) when chimes are striking. So, I have put up with it.

I think there is a way to do this so I ask waiting out

Or direct me to the proper location for an answer.


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Apr 02, 2012
I'm having the sort-of same problem
by: Pat

My Ridgeway clock strikes 4 minutes early - consistently. I had it running perfectly, but then it reverted back to the 4 minute thing. Does anyone know what I did CORRECTLY last time I fixed it?

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