Clock won't run unless tilted

by Dean
(Elwood, IL, USA)

Picked up a clock that hasn't run for 10 years since it was last moved.

I leveled it and it ran 5 minutes, but didn't "tick-tock" properly.

Place 1/4" shim under left side and it didn't run.
Moved the shim the right side and it ran 15 minutes.

Increased the shim to 3/4" and still running after an hour. "tick-tock" sounds better but still not in even cadence.

What do I adjust to bring it back to level operation? Sligh model 0896-1-AB. (1994)
Also when hanging the weights, does the R weight hang on the clock's right or my right when facing the clock.

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May 29, 2014
by: Anonymous

weight L is on your Left as you face he clock

some clocks have levels on the bottom of the clock feet that can be turned. Use a cheap check the clock - you floor may not be level. If it tick tocks uniformly it should be ok. In the end you may have to use shims .

let me know

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