Colonial GF Clock Manual set up ajustments

by Rusty The Ray
(GV. Tx. Tarrant)

Colonial grandfather clock

Colonial grandfather clock

I recentely purchase a Colonial Grandfather/mother Clock at an Estate sale. The sale was closing and I offered 200 to it take off their hands, it was running and had a low mild chime (chimes on the quarter hour) and not the loud "gong-gong" from a normal grandfather clock. Just right for my living room.

I have had it for over 3 months. But I noticed that it is running approx. 8 minutes slow. I do not know how to ajust it in any way. It does not have a access panel in the back nor on either side. So it can not be tampered with.
My Question is: Can any one tell me how I can ajust the time to speed it up a few minutes?

Thank you for your time and Information,
or were I can find a manual that will tell me this information.

Hi there Rusty

Congrats to this beautiful clock. It seems to have found a good home.
To adjust the speed of the clock you will find a nut on the bottom of pendulum. When you turn the nut to the right the weight on the pendulum will move up causing the clock to run faster. And of course turning the nut to the left will slow the clock down.

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Oct 21, 2016
Sound rod strike NEW
by: Anonymous

Take a look at the rod strike hammers. Select one and holding away from the rods press gently to reduce the distance to the strike rod by 1/8 inch or less. As the rods are struck the next time, see if the one you bent has a louder sound. Also check to see if the rods are struck squarely.

Jul 27, 2013
by: Anonymous

I purchased this clock at a sale, it is old but has never been set up.
The weights are still in plastic and the chains are still tided up.
The problem is the pen. is missing as is the clock hands and inst.
Where can I get these and how do I know if they are the right ones???
I only paid 70 dollars for it so I guess its worth fixing

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