Ethan Allen clock won't chime

by Rod
(Poughkeepsie, NY)

Hi - we inherited an Ethan Allen granfather clock several years ago and it has worked fine that entire time. Recently - only the middle chime weight is moving..and it stopped chiming. It still keeps good time - but I can't get it to chime again !

Any help is most appreciated.....Thanks !

Hi Rod

Thanks for your contribution.
Like all thing mechanical, grandfather clocks need the occasional drop of grease.
Of course it is difficult to say without looking at the clock. But this is one of the possibilities.

Happy mending Rod.


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Jul 26, 2011
Little bit about this and that ............
by: Old Clockguy

The center "chime weight" that you mentioned is actually your time weight and is what is keeping your clock running. Regarding the stoppage of the chimes, the other two weights are the "power" for the chimes. The weight on the right usually operates the quarter hour chime and the one on the left will count the hour chime for each hour. To have them both stop at once, you probably have one of a few things wrong with the mechanism.

1. If you tried to set the time by moving the hands backwards and they were near any of the quarter hour "set-up" zones, you may have either bent a lever, gear tooth, or broken some vital part in the operation of the chimes.

2. If the clock hasn't been serviced in quite some time, it may need to be torn down, cleaned professionally, reassembled, and put into proper timing again so everything works when it should and all things happen at the proper time on the dial.

3. There are a few gears and levers on the front of the clock mechanism that operate at certain times to set up the sequence of each chime period or the entire chime tune (probably Westminster chime tune) on the hour. These gears sometimes have a set screw to tighten them down onto their respective shafts and, if a set screw works loose, the gear can turn on its shaft and throw the clock out of proper sequence or timing.

There are other possible causes but these will give you an indication of how complex the operation of your clock actually is when it is running smoothly. My advice is to have a professional clock repair person look at the mechanism. They can clean it properly, reassemble it and check for bushing wear, pinion wear, and other possibilities that would contribute to the operation of your clock. They will also oil the clock, (we don't actually "grease" them), and get it in good working order.

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