by Lee
(San Jose, California)

The chimes on my grandfather clock suddenly stopped working.

The clock has three chime sounds.

Is there a chime control that I may have accidently turned off?

Hi there Lee

1. Make sure that the selection lever is not in the “silent” position or halfway
between two chime melody positions?
2. Make sure that all the packing material is removed from the movement area.
3. Make sure that the weights are hanging in the correct location Check the label
on the bottom of each weight to ensure proper location.
4. For models with nighttime silencing, make sure that the clock is not in the
nighttime silence mode.
5. Check hammer adjustment and correct chime tone as necessary.
6. Move the chime selection lever to a different melody or to “silent”.

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Apr 25, 2012
by: Lee

Thank you for your guidance. Evidently it was the selection lever. After I moved the lever the chimes started again. Thanks again.PLASMA

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