From my Great Grandmother

by Jeremy Halverson
(McGregor, Iowa, USA)

Grandfather clock from Great Grandmother

Grandfather clock from Great Grandmother

Recently my Grandmother passed away and I was given a Grandfather clock that belonged to her mother.

This clock is a Colonial Manufacturing Company clock and I can't seem to find anything about it!

It no longer is working and I am not sure why. If I remove the pendulum I can hear it ticking...

I have the original "instructions" that have the movement number and case number... Does anybody know who or how I contact to get more information on my clock and how to get it fixed?

I am 34 now and I would love to get it working and be able to pass it on.
I know that my Great Grandmother got hers as a gift in the early 1900's *I think*...she has been long passed since the early 1980's so, I know this clock is old....

Can someone please help!!???!!!

Jeremy Halverson

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Jul 16, 2010
Colonial clock
by: Marcia

Hi Jeremy:

You inherited a beautiful clock! It looks like it is solid cherry wood which they don't make anymore. It also looks a little smaller than a grandfather clock.....perhaps a grandmother's clock. I recently inherited my mother's beautiful cherry wood Colonial grandfather's clock. We have hardwood floors and it was quite loud so I had the fellow from our local clock company come today to adjust the hammers so now it sounds good. He told me today that the Colonial clocks were some of the best clocks made and have the German mechanisms. He also told me that they don't make the solid cherry wood anymore. Also he suggested I use lemon oil because the wood was starting to get a little dry.....and I did buy some and used it today. I would suggest finding a local clock company. I used Elgin Clock Co. in So.Elgin, IL and was very pleased with them. I hope you are able to get it repaired because you have a cherished heirloom that will last for many more years. Marcia

Jun 07, 2010
Find someone who knows clocks
by: Anonymous

I too have a family heirloom grandfather clock and I have found folks in the yellow pages to give Great Grandpa his physical and the adjustments he needs when something goes awry.

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