German Kieninger Rawlings

by Robert

What does this Kieninger clock sound like?

What does this Kieninger clock sound like?

My name is Robert, I’m almost 62 years old and I’m looking to buy a long case clock for my granddaughter.

I saved up some money and sized up her room and snug in a few questions about her styles all hopefully without spoiling the surprise.

She loves the clock we have in our old home, a Ridgeway I bought new in 1968 and it’s been running quite well with a few cleaning and oiling.

I’d like to buy a clock new and since it’s been so long I realize things have changed a little bit.

My granddaughter’s ceiling is just over 7 ft tall and I found a German Kieninger I think she would love and it would fit in her room fine.

I do wish I could find more info on this clock though. link here:

It used to be in the old days that the clocks with chains sounded smaller than the ones with cables. She loves the deep chime of our clock, though it’s cable driven. Does anyone know what the SK 015 Kieninger movement sounds like in a case of this size?

I’ll upload an extra photo to go along as well. She enjoys winding my daughter’s cuckoo clock which is why I have my eye on this particular model with the chains.

Thanks for any help and opinions!

my email is if you would prefer to reply that way.

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