Help! Chain wound in gear!

by Kat
(Winder, GA, USA)

Hi again friends. I made a horrible mistake that I never ever, ever, since 1972 I have wound my clock and never before has a weight come loose off the chain, and pulled the chain up into the gear.

I KNOW not to do this, but I didn't realize the weight had come off the chain as I was holding it up to relieve the strain on the chain.

I tried to simply raise the chain off the gear and reposition it, evidently that's not so easily done.

Can anyone advise me on what to do without harming my clock?

Thanks in advance,

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Oct 15, 2011
I found my own answer
by: Kathleen Cook

I found out that-NO- there was no easy way to remove and replace the chain. The end that holds the weight was jammed into place between a gear and a pin so with fine skilled caution, I took a paperclip, maneuvered the hook until I could pull enough slack into the chain to reset it and voila! Please tell everyone with their hands under my bonnet (clock) to STEP AWAY FROM THE CLOCK!!!!!

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