Hentschel Floor Clock (Type? Model? Value?)

by Erik
(Richmond, VA)

Hentschel floor clock

Hentschel floor clock


I have in my possesion what appears to be a Hentschel floor clock.

There are no other markings on it, other than "Hentschel" on the dial.

It has been passed on to me through an unfortunate death in our family. How can I tell the style, model or even the value it may have?

I don't want to sell it, but will need to get a value for the estate.

Can this be done somehow? I would most certainly appreciate it.

Thank you very much!

Hi Erik

To get a proper appraisal, I suggest you contact a professional that can have a look at the clock.
Dahl Jewelers
3138 Golansky Boulevard, Suite 102, Woodbridge, VA 22192. Phone 703-878-0888

When you intend to have your clock appraised, then note these facts:
Anyone that claimes that he can appraise a clock based on pictures or over the the phone is NOT a reputable appraiser, that is worth the money you pay.
A proper appraiser will have to look at the clock in person. He will charge for the time that appraisal will take and will not base his price on the value of the clock.

Oh, and by the way get the appraisal in writing.

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May 03, 2014
by: mike

thanks but I did get a copy of them, and it's put together and running great.

Apr 29, 2014
by: Anonymous

This looks more the the H100 from hentschel of waterloo.
My grandfather built one in the 70's and just came across all the literature etc for this clock
I can scan the assembly instructions and send to you. my email is canadiantyre@aol.com

Nov 01, 2013
Need plans
by: Mike W

Charles, you mention that you build one of these. I just received one of these still in the boxes, I got it from a friend who's father bought it in the 70's and never put it together. from what I can tell from some of the parts I think it will look like the pictures on this thread. But I went through the boxes and didn't find the plans for putting it together. do you still have your copy and could I get a copy. or does anyone have a copy of how to put it together. there is a block of wood in one of the boxes that has a 1000-T on it.

Apr 16, 2013
Hentschel Floor Clock (Type? Model? Value?)
by: Charles

This looks like the Hentschel 220 model. It was marketed as a do-it-yourself kit. I bought and built one in 1980. The case kit was $140 and the movement was $250. I replaced the movement about 10 years ago for about $350. It was a low-end model, almost the least expensive one that Hentschel sold.Value will also depend a little on whether this is a triple-chime (1000T) movement or Westminster (1000W). The movement was actually made by Kieninger. In spite of the original low-cost, it is a great clock that will last many decades. I do not believe it has any "antique" value, but the replacement cost today, pre-made would be at least $1000.

Nov 15, 2012
Curious of the appraisal outcome
by: Jeremy


I was curious of the appraisal outcome of your clock. I have acquired the same grandfather clock and have not had any luck finding any more information about it.

I am also looking for a manual and ways to restore and reset the clock. It needs minor work, but seems like a great clock.

I appreciate your time and help. Is there anyway I can email you with more questions?

Thank you,

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