Hour Strike Problem

by Ron
(Greentown, PA, USA)

CLOCK: Emperor Series 120

MOVEMENT: Model 100M, Jauch 77, 475, S/N 331505
PROBLEM: Improper Hour Strike

Clock has not been run for several years.
Removed weights, pendulum, chains, suspension spring, suspension arm, assembly adjusting arm.
Removed movement from case.
Removed moon dial and clock face.
Soaked movement overnight in ammonia and liquid soap solution.
Rinsed movement with hot water.
Dried movement with hair dryer.
Mounted movement on level bench stand.
Lightly oiled bushings with clock oil.
Reinstalled all items in B.)
Adjusted split foot on anchor arm
Started clock---time and chimes OK, but hour strike only strikes once regardless of the hour tube position.
As per the manual, stopped the clock and removed weights after chiming 16 times and the locking disc is at the 1 o’clock position.
Removed the circlip and washer from “B” gear shaft
Repositioned the hour snail several times to verify that hour strike can strike more than once---OK
Problem is that the pin at “D” does not follow the profile of snail cam and that pin “E” of the hour hook always runs off the end of the hour rack assembly and that the gather pallet assembly keeps revolving until pin “E” runs off the end of the rack.
What needs to be done to correct this problem?

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Apr 17, 2018
Hour strike rack return spring NEW
by: Anonymous

I also have a jauch 77 and would like to know is there a return spring for the hour strike rack.
I don't see it in the picture.

Thanks Dan

Feb 13, 2012
Hour Strike Problem
by: Ron

I did a bit more disassembly and found that the reason that pin "D" didn't follow the snail cam is that the lever arm on which "D" is afixed was sticking. I removed the lever, soaked it in ammonia, rinsed it, dried it, burnished the lever shaft, and lightly greased the bushing. All is well!

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