Info on Herschede pattern No 7, four tube, 3 weight***?

by Frank

Does anyone have information (sales brochure, owner's manual?) about Herschede pattern no 7, four tube, three weight clocks? Value?

It's from 1920 baseed on the 9997 serial number.

The case is 96” tall and matches the one in Tran Duy Ly’s longcase clock book on page 257, number 612 and below the clock it says No 7, height 97”, width 22”, and depth 15”.

The one in the picture is plugged in to the wall.

Mine is all mechanical, no electricity. The brass bob on mine is 8 inches and the dial is a "C" silver with a moon dial, and a seconds hand.

Not much info available on the four tube models.

Thanks, Frank

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