Is my clock a real Bulova?

by Rick Amsberry
(Dallas, Texas )

I recently purchased a grandfather clock. When I saw it in the retailers show room, I am sure I thought I saw "Bulova" on the face of the clock.

But when it was delivered, there was no name at all on the face of the clock. When I visited with the retailer, they told me that there were names on the faces of the clocks and showed me one.

What I saw was a small sticker on the face of the clock. This doesn't make sense to me because (1) a Bulova sticker could be put on any clock, and (2)This seems to be a real cheap way to put the name on "one of the best clocks in the world".

Any thoughts? I'd like to contact the manufacturer directly and ask them, but don't have any contact info.

Can anyone give me the contact info, or can anyone help me understand what's going on here?

You can reply to my email address at :


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