Kieninger Floor Clock Serial number 58607

by Peter Hobbs
(Pease Pottage, UK)

I picked this clock up from near Mannheim in Germany, where the owner was moving and no longer had space to accommodate it.

The movement is bim-bam, beautifully designed, of extremely high quality and shows little wear after (I estimate) some 80 years in operation.

It shows no sign of ever having been disassembled or cleaned and was covered in thick dust and grime, except at the gear bearing surfaces.

The movement bears the AJK logo, underneath which is stamped the serial number. It is a second pendulum, which is why, I suppose, there is no length shown, which is usually stamped on later movements.

The case is oak, round-topped, of simple design, with thin balloon glass for the face and bevelled glass for the lower part of the door. There is a repeater lever and cord, which strikes the current hour when pulled.

Any ideas of date or other aspects of history would be appreciated.

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