LOOKING FOR INFO on my Herschede Hall Clock

by Kody Dittbrenner
(Downingtown, PA)



I am looking to find out more about my clock.

What I do know is that on the back of the brass clock works, the word (German) is etched into the plate. No Serial number or anything else.

It is in working condition but probably needs to be calibrated.

The Tubes in the clock all have the same engraving...

The Herschede Hall Clock Co.
Cincinnati. O.
Crown Symphony Tubes
Patient Jan 13.03

The clock is in a 7ft room right now. The top tier of the clock is still intact and available to be put back on.

When the clock was in someone else's home, they cut the claw feet off of it. However I still have them and that were cut flush, so theoretically they could be re-attached.

We did remove all three weights and did not find any news paper for dating. I read somewhere that, it should be filled with paper and that sometimes it can date your clock pretty close.

I would appreciate anymore information that anyone could give. I would like to know the date or relative date of the clock and a relative price.

I am in the midst of looking for someone to come and appraise the clock so that it can be insured for the correct amount, but I am having a tough time finding someone.

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Aug 12, 2015
Looks like mine
by: Anonymous

I have the same one in my home trying to sell for a friend. He said he paid over $20,000 20 years ago; retail. I have not been able to get one opinion of value in 6 months. Seller wanted $30,000, told we were crazy. Sorry can't help. Please post if you find out. Thanks

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