Mrs Claudia Rojas

by Claudia Rojas
(Pembroke pines, Florida)

I have a three weight clock, it's about 15 years old.

I heard that it needs to be adjusted periodically.

I notice that the hand marking the hours is "off", is this something to do with not having the clock adjusted ever?

Hi there Claudia

Thanks for your question.
This problem can have different causes.
It could be that a part is broken. But it could also mean that the movement is in need of some lubrication with a drop of clock oil.
This has to be done once or twice a year, to keep the movement going.


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Feb 16, 2011
How long do Sligh 0843-1-AN clocks last?
by: Mary L

My mom has a Sligh grandfather clock, it's at least 20 years old.

It's been serviced but not regularly, although it was repaired in the last month again.

It isn't keeping accurate time nor chiming consistently anymore.

Before the repair guys tells us we need to replace all the internals, I figured I'd ask for input.

If it's normal for them to weaken over the years and eventually wear out - fine, I just want to know.

Again, this was NOT serviced annually - prob only 6 times in 30 yrs.

Thanks much!

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