Mrs. Larry

by Cheryl
(Torrance, CA, USA)

My husband purchased an Emperor Model 650 Curio clock in 1995.

He assembled it and it worked beautifully for years but quit working the same year he died - this year 2010.

I'm having trouble finding an expert in the Torrance area who can come out and fix the clock. Can you recommend someone who makes house calls (certified)? This is way over my head.

Too many working parts - too many things that could have gone wrong - from maybe it is in need of lubrication or re-setting the clock to the correct lunar cycle (which I can't do either), or maybe I just didn't wind it correctly or swing the pendulum just right.

Nevertheless, it is too big to move and every time I see it, it makes me sad to see something he loved not ticking and chiming.

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