My clock runs too slow and cannot be sped up.

by John
(Emsdale, Ont. Canada)

I just inherited a GF Clock with a Hermle works (HC-3..?). It has been running slow.

I've adjusted the pendulim to no avail.
I put some oil on the shaft ends and that did not help.
I used light motor oil, now I find out that maybe I should not have done that.

Is there a cleaner that I can use to clean off the oil I put on, and other crap that was there, and start fresh with the proper oil?

What is the proper oil?
I cannot find out what viscosity is recommended.

It seems to be a real closely guarded trade secret.

$16.00 for an ounce of French Oil?
That's what I find on the net... WTF....??

I'm thinking of using brake cleaner and cleaning the oil points and then putting on some light machine oil like 3-in-1. Is that OK?

Any suggestions?



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