My dad loved his Herschede grandfather clock.

by Charles

My Dad loved clocks. Growing up our house had 2 cuckoo clocks. His dream was to own a grandfather clock. In the mid 1950's,Dad and my mom decided to buy a Herschede grandfather clock.

It stood at least 6 feet tall, had tubular bells and played Westminster chimes. A portion of the chime played every 15 minutes.

You could see the moon dial and tell when it would be full moon. My Mom polished the mahogany case till it looked like glass.

I remember Dad adjusting the clock as it sometimes wasn't quite exact. It took some getting used to the sound of the swinging pendulum and the 15 minute strike of the chimes and the hourly strike.

As the years went by, we were able to lie in bed and on the hourly strike tell how much time we had till we had to get up. In my case, it was to go to school and my parents to work.

After 25 years in that house, I married and left. Dad and Mom moved close to me and their first grandchild about 75 miles.

Of course, the clock was carefully moved to their new home. It sat in the living room for 17 years in that house in Massachusetts.

Being their only child, having their 2 only grandchildren, they followed me to California. Of course, the grandfather clock traveled, too. Since coming to California in 1987, my parents and the clock have lived in several places.

Dad passed away in 2009 at the age of 91. His beloved grandfather clock sits in the living room of the Board and Care home I own.

Mom lives there, she just turned 91 and listens for the 15 minute chimes and always knows what time it is. As long as I'm alive, the clock will never be sold.

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