My grandfather brought this clock back from World War 2.

by Andrew

My grandfather clock was ironically inherited from my grandfather. He brought it back with him from World War 2 after the war was finished.

My grandfather was a member of the troop that invaded Hitler's compound and he took the grandfather clock back with him as a memento of the compound. The troop did kind of pillage the compound comparatively speaking.

The clock is made out of a fine Oak wood that was cleanly sanded when it was created. There are a few chips in it; since it did have to make the trip back across the Atlantic Ocean.

The clock's physical appearance has never been altered. The only part of the clock that has been changed is the winding gears since they've worn out. This is because the clock was created back in the late 1800's by a German clock maker.

The clock was never given any form of model since it was one of a kind. The glass casing on the clock also has been replaced since I accidentally hit a baseball through the window as a child.

I was actually playing baseball with my grandfather when it went through both the window of his house and the glass of the grandfather clock. We had to rewind the gears shortly after since it took the clock off by about 1.5 seconds.

About every three months or so we do have to reset the pendulum because of its age. In that three month time the clock does go about 5 minutes off, but the bell for the grandfather clock still works quite well, even after all this time!

My wife does not appreciate the clock that much. She wants to get rid of it for a more fancy, newer digital clock but this one has history.

I got this clock from my grandfather, and I plan on passing it down through my children.

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