My Grandfather Clock will only chime manually

by Angela

My grandfather clock keeps time perfectly but will only chime when I manually lift the arm that is on the front of the mechanism.

I have taken it out of it's case to study it. It is approx 25yrs old. I think that the weight to the farthest right has been modified to be heavier than the one it came with.

I'm wondering if it needs to be a little heavier still. It was serviced approx 3 yrs ago. Runs great and will manually chime.

Any advice. I have just sent for an oil kit.

Hi Angela

My first advice is not to replace a weight as you don't know if a wrong weight has caused the chiming problem.

And too large a weight can damage the movement.

Oil your clock and see if this does the trick. If not, then I suggest you seek professional help.

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