My Grandfather's Grandfather Clock

by Stephen H.

It was 1975, and I was on my way to grandpa’s house. I would love to visit my Grandfather. He had a great workbench with lots of tools and a record collection which seemed to go on forever.

He always let me play the records by myself too! I guess that’s what you call trust. Weekend after weekend of visits playing with his tools and listening to records, until one day there was a knock at the door.

Grandpa lets the delivery men in and points to the spot. "Grandpa", I say "what are you getting?” He replies, "Just you wait and see." The men place this large-wooden-mechanical-object into its place.

They set the time and test the chime. “Wow!” The most beautiful sound I'd ever heard. It sounded like a church!

It had chiming bells, both high and low, all perfectly tuned, similar to a giant music box, like the kind you’d find in jewelry case or ring holder.

I said to my grandfather, "that's some LARGE piece of furniture just to tell time" He said, "It's not just a clock ya know, it's a GRANDFATHER clock!
" “Do you have to be a grandpa to have one?” I said. “No” he chuckled.

“Is it a good one?” I asked. "It's a Howard Miller, the best grandfather clock in the world!" "Hmmm" I thought.

I’ve heard of Glenn Miller, but Howard Miller? Could they be related? Grandpa just stood there and admired it for a while.

I loved that clock, maybe because I was there the first day it arrived (or it would have been just another piece of furniture to me), or maybe it was the beautiful sound it made, or maybe because it was my Grandfather's Grandfather clock, (a pun which always made me laugh).

When he passed-on, this clock moved into my home and every time it chimed I thought of him. Just like it did today.

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