Need info on my Herschede 2 with Winterhalder movement

by Ray
(Pinehurst, NC USA)

I have a really grand Herschede grandfather that has me perplexed.

It is a standard 8 day 2 weight which strikes on 2 large tubes.

It strikes the quarter hour on both tubes and the hour on the larger tube.

Several people have told me it is the Winterhalder movement.

It it marked on the back with the early Herschede crown with the hammer below that Germany and below that the number 2.

I am trying to locate a diagram of the clock or a photograph of the striking side.

It has replaced hammer arms which pull the striking hammer and they are to springy.
I would like to replace them with the correct arm.
Is there anyone with any information.

I would appreciate your help.

You can email me at

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